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Individuals misusing party name

The Aam Aadmi Party makes it clear that the following three individuals (residing in Delhi) have been misusing the party's name in an unauthorised manner citing their association with the party.

This is a serious matter and the AAP makes it clear that these people have nothing to do with the party :

1)      Mahinder Singh Matiala

2)      Sanjay Paliwal

3)      Ms Ranju Minhas

The AAP makes it clear that it has no link with these people, who have been repeatedly indulging in anti-party activities, which included contacting our MLAs on behalf of the BJP and asking them to defect.

All the above mentioned three individuals have personally contacted the AAP MLAs and asked them to desert the party and join the BJP.

There is no scope for those in this organization who betray the trust of volunteers working selflessly for the party's cause. 

The AAP informs its volunteers, sympathisers and the public that the names of above mentioned three individuals should not be in any manner linked with the party at all.  


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