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Article 19(1)(a): A Medical Report

Remember the coal mine allocation scam? It was sparked off because a multi-edition national newspaper chose to make public a CAG ‘pre-final’ report on the allocation on its front page. There was a veritable public outcry, and other media houses entered the race to scoop each other out. 

There’s this other matter of detail to consider: the newspaper that first featured the coal mine allocation scam had reported some of the CAG’s disclosures on the RIL-government collusion nearly three weeks before the lawyers held their press conference, that is, on May 29 and May 30. But this scoop the newspaper consigned it to its inside pages. Though it is the editor’s prerogative to weigh the relative importance of stories and decide on their slots, there is undoubtedly a sharp discrepancy in that newspaper’s treatment of the coal scam and CAG’s indictment of RIL.  Read More


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