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Narendra Modi

EC assures action against Varanasi DSP and promises fair polls

Taking cognisance of the complaint filed by the AAP against a Deputy Superintendent of Police of Varanasi, the Commission also assured action against the erring DSP. The DSP had sent an objectionable internal letter dated 28/4 about Aam Aadmi Party National Convenor Arvind Kejriwal's election campaign (Copy of the letter attached). The AAP has complained that the contents of the letter reveal a pro-BJP bias of the concerned officer. Read More

The good old fight

The violent streak of the BJP supporters has left the old residents of Varanasi worried. The author Kashinath Singh, whose Hindi novel Kashi ka Assi chronicled the changing political landscape of Varanasi, says he no longer goes to Pappu tea stall, close to Assi ghat, that he made famous through his novel. “It has been taken over by BJP supporters. They won’t say anything to me, but to people of other ideologies they have begun to say: Go to Pakistan!” he says.

The people of non-BJP ideologies now frequent another tea stall called Poi ki dukaan . “Here, we have tea like the good old times, we discuss politics, we fight over it, but it never goes ugly because the BJPwalas are in a minority,” Mr. Singh says. Read More

Why Modi’s ‘Ma Ganga’ rhetoric should make us cringe

There is nothing wrong with Modi aspiring to be the Hindu Prime Minister of India. But there is everything is wrong if Modi wants to be the Prime Minister of Hindu India. If he wants to be the former, then he needs to give us less of 'har, har Modi' and more of 'ghar, ghar Modi -- including those that pray to other gods. Read More

Modi's contempt for Election Commission

Gujarat chief minister and BJP candidate from Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency, Mr Narendra Modi has been consistently violating the election laws and the model code of conduct during the ongoing campaigning. The Election Commission’s direction to the Gujarat government for registration of an FIR against him on Wednesday is only an indication of the habitual offences being committed by Mr Modi and the BJP. Read More

Modi should respond to Kargil hero's family

Since Mr Modi invoked late captain Batra’s name purely with an intention to increase his electoral prospects, he should now respond to the family’s concern on why he never found time to visit the family. Read More


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