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Thank you for making the Jantar Mantar event a resounding success

Thank you for making the August 3rd event at Jantar Mantar a resounding success. Your support is what drives the Aam Aadmi Party and today, in a unified voice, we have told the BJP led central govt. and the Delhi administration that "Delhi Demands Elections". 

Several thousand people gathered at Jantar Mantar today to raise this demand. Several AAP leaders including Arvind Kejriwal, Yogendra Yadav & Bhagwant Mann spoke to the huge gathering of people.

Delhi has been under president's rule for nearly 6 months now. Its become clear that No govt. can be formed legitimately in the present scenario. Dissolution of the assembly should have happened long back, yet we find that president's rule continues in Delhi. Here are some facts about current situation in Delhi. 

- The Lt. Governor reports to the home minister in the BJP led central Govt.

- The Lt. Governor can recommend dissolution of Delhi assembly to the home minister, if there is no way a govt. can be formed in Delhi. 

- To determine if any party wants to or can form a govt. in Delhi, the Lt. Governor simply needs to talk to the parties in Question. AAP has already told LG in multiple meetings and through letters that it wants fresh elections in Delhi. All that is remaining is for the LG to get BJP and Cong. stand on the subject as well. 

- This should not require months, it can be done in a few days. 

- The Home Minister of the BJP central govt. can also instruct the LG to submit his report/assessment on the situation. 

So, will the LG or the central Govt. act? The people of Delhi have made their views known, without any ambiguity. Delhi Demands Fresh Elections.


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