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We need an alternative System or a political alternative?

It is irony of the nation that the word politics has been abused so much that common man has lost hope and every political party is treated at par with extreme disdain. There are 364 political parties, so what if the count goes up by one?


      You are right.  Merely swapping faces is not our objective. We are here not to seize the power but to distribute the power to common man.  Nation needs a political alternative which can provide an alternative system making it accountable to common man.

      I am not here to canvas and campaign for any political party but to make you realize the sense of urgency we need to show. Nation is undergoing severe crisis. If we still continue to remain politically illiterate and remain indifferent that day is not far when entire nation would have been sold by these political parties and common man  will have to run away to find a safe comfortable place for his family on this earth but will eventually fail to do so. Britishers, Aamericans struggled,  fought and overcame all the odds to make their country a developed nation almost two centuries ago and we are still a developing nation in spite of getting freedom more than six decades ago. If they can do it, then why can't we do so? What differentiates us from the developed nation? We need a robust system accountable to common man, which cannot be tampered with.

   It was with efforts of Aam Aadmi Party core group leader Mr. Prashan Bhsuhan, corrupt ministers of likes Ashwini Kumar had to leave its post and now Supreme court although very  late acknowledged the fact that CBI has been used as a weapon by the ruling government to remain in power. Before common man can assimilate a scam, new one appears.  Till now common man was forced to choose between the two parties Congress or BJP,  none of which could never rise above cheap politics in the name of religion and caste. When Sarabjit was murdered in Pakistani jail and Chinese army encroached our territory, Our PMO & law and order minister were busy amending investigation reports of CBI for Coalgate scam. When a toddler gudiya was raped, government was busy giving security to Ambanis instead of protecting common man. Several Nirbahyas are raped every day but the law and order status quo remains the same.

    Things will not change unless we make a conscious effort to ensure that we have a political alternative which can redefine the system.  With efforts of common man, the anti corruption movement which started off from streets in the form of Anshan, dharnas, demonstration is now knocking the doors of parliament to knock off this rotten system as a political alternative.  Yes, we are a political party with a political ambition of doing politics of common man.  We are here to shake the rudimentary way of politics of dividing people in the name of religion, caste.  I appeal to all of you to shed this apolitical tag and support this movement.

I seek your time and money in this mission as we are all working towards a common cause.

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