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When BJP goons attacked me

AAP volunteer attackedWe were sitting in a car stuck in traffic near Ravidas gate, Lanka. Around 200-300 BJP workers surrounded our car and started banging on its glass windows. Those hooligans dressed in saffron caps and scarfs seemed to be scary. They were chanting modi....modi... and hitting our vehicle with their fists. If it would not have been Tata Safari, the glass panes would have got broken by the physical force of these 200 men. We three volunteers sitting in the car were terrified. I asked the driver to take the car away but he was helpless as the area was jam packed. 
We had to stay there in that terrifying situation facing the attack of the BJP goons. Neither we could step out of the car neither we were feeling safe inside. Suddenly, someone from the saffron cadre threw a stone on the glass window, it broke and its pieces fell on our body. I was typing the press release on my laptop. The laptop was full of glass particles. Few pieces also fell on my body, one hit my forehead and it started bleeding. The blood didn't stop. This was the first time when I didn’t cry after being injured. I felt pride in shedding blood for the nation and contribute to the revolution. 
You won't be surprised to know that all this was happening in full police view. 4-5 policemen were standing next to our car. Police was an onlooker and didn't bother to do anything. When I pleaded them to get the traffic cleared and only after seeing the blood on my forehead, they asked the BJP goons to move. They would have easily arrested the BJP goondas but they didn’t. In fact, they had no intention to arrest them. All this while, the BJP goons continued to shout Modi..modi....
I remember an onlooker telling the Modi bhakts, "Is this how Modi is going to do development?"
I ask all Modi supporters, can they justify this violence. Till now, they had attacked several male volunteers of AAP. My husband Ankit Lal and fellow activist Nandan Misra were also hit by BJP goons 10 days back at Assi ghat for playing patriotic songs. The BJP people have now become so scared that they are even attacking women. Is this how BJP is going to provide security to females? Is this BJP's plan for women protection? 
BJP has accepted it's defeat in Varanasi i.e. they are resorting to such violence. 
Those who support Modi seem to be sympathisers of bloodshed. Modi already has his hands blooded with Godhra riots and now with these incidents of violence in Varanasi, his propagation of violent activities has been proven. 
So choice is yours, go ahead and vote for an honest man who has struggled for you and want a clean system or support a king who would spread violence and benefit only the rich and the mighty!

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